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SME Database

SME and SMB database stands for small and medium enterprises and small and medium business database. In this present age of globalization people are really enthusiastic about forming their own start up/ companies/ business. Every company have their own policies and principles, also target ,planning for betterment, all these works are basically done by the decision makers of those companies. These SME and SMB also have decision makers, who takes and makes decision about their respective companies. This database contains email ids and contact numbers of these decision makers of different companies.

SMB and SME has got the importance in field as well as daily life. But these companies being relatively very new to the business field , needs exposure to the other companies as well as to common people. In today’s business scenario companies are interdependent in order to get more success, also big companies ,government are trying to involve these small companies in their business and works. Different companies are trying to involve different small companies to their business arena. In this situation SMB and SME database gives a one stop solution for both the small companies who needs exposure to other companies and people and also the big companies/ government, associations or people, who are trying to reach to these different companies for their respective needs. These decision makers contact numbers, email ids etc helps for advertisement and making contacts to them messaging and sending mails.


Today’s economy of any country is very much dependent on governmental or non governmental organizations. Different business organizations have to go through a tough competition to get established or to get succeed . Business organization’s should have very strong policies and strategies to get established and achieve success, to have good decisions and policies companies are having very important part of their system, they are “decision makers”. For manufacturing companies decision makers strategy, policies are very much important. They have a lot of say in a company’s functioning. This database of “manufacturers database” contains the name, contact details like contact number and email ids of people who are doing this job of decision making related to manufacturing for different companies. Other business organizations like advertisement companies, Public relation firms, financial management companies need this database to contact the decision makers by sending mails or by contacting through the number and email ids provided in the database.


Business and trade, this two terms are synonyms. Though the implication of the term “trade” is very old compared to business, as business is considered to be a large scale affair, whereas trade is smaller to that. But in today’s business scenarios big business organizations are trying to involve small business groups or individual business persons or so called “traders” . Thus the business field is becoming very much integrated. This database of “traders database” contain the name, business field, contact details like contact numbers and email ids and many more information. Thus this a combined form of information about the small business merchants or small business groups. These groups also need some kind policies, and these are done by the “decision makers”. This database can be used to reach out to the small traders and trading groups through these decision makers by the contact details given in this database.

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